A note from the LGS Past President, Jim Marshall :-

Those of you who attended the Herdman Symposium last year will have heard a talk by Dr. Joel Gill about the work and aims of the ‘Geology for Global Development’ (GfGD) programme. Several of you commented that they found it inspirational that Geologists and Geology, long associated with the exploitation of Earth Resources, should also now be linked with plans to help achieve the highly ambitious United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The GfGD group in the UK started with a group of University students and recent graduates who wanted to raise awareness and apply their skills to helping communities in less developed countries. Projects have involved helping to install water wells in geologically and culturally sensible places as well as helping local people to better understand local natural hazards. These continue and there is much to be done in other areas including sustainable development of mineral and hydrocarbon resources, land use, engineering geology and more.

GfGD now has affiliated student groups in most of the leading Earth Science Departments in the UK and its Director is employed by the British Geological Survey. It is a registered charity and has ambitious aims to raise awareness and initiate practical projects in the future.

I am very pleased to let you know that, in its 160th year and with the full support of its Council, the Liverpool Geological Society has become the first local Geological Society to be affiliated with the GfGD. At present this has simply entailed the completion of a joint agreement for mutual support: so we need to work out what to do next. I hope you will welcome this initiative and that we can arrange future speakers to tell us more about this inspiring work and arrange ways in which our membership can raise both money and awareness in our own setting.

If you are interested you can find out a lot more about GfGD online and can contribute directly to their efforts. Please contact me if you have ideas for our future programme or activities.

Jim Marshall