Indoor meetings


All talks for 2022- 23 will take place at the Central Teaching Hub of the University of Liverpool, Lecture Theatre D. Entrance will be via the main door.

Talks will start at 7.30pm

Location map for the Central Teaching Hub
Front of the Central Teaching Hub

7th Feb.

Dr. Heather Stewart

Dr.Heather Stewart, British Geological Survey:

Exploring Hades: geomorphology and sediments of the deepest places on EarthThe deepest parts of the ocean are one of the final remaining frontiers of discovery on our planet. Much of the deep ocean is unmapped and draws in explorers, scientists, cartographers and environmentalists, keen to discover its secrets. Heather Stewart from the British Geological Survey has been lucky enough to participate on a number of expeditions to explore the deepest seafloors and will share some of what these diverse expedition teams have learned

21st Feb.

Dr. Janine Kavanagh

Dr Janine Kavanagh, University of Liverpool:

Mechanisms of igneous intrusion MKII

28th Feb.

Dr Chris Stevenson

Dr. Chris Stephenson, University of Liverpool:

Meteorites and Mass extinctions: size doesn’t matter!

Meteorite impacts are an established killer for the biosphere. They are thought to cause severe impact winters and trigger mass extinction events: the most famous being the end of the dinosaurs. The bigger the impact, the worse the extinction. In this talk I’ll show why this is nonsense and explain the real reason why some meteorites are benign, whilst others are lethal.

7th Mar.

Professor Richard Worden

Professor Richard Worden, University of Liverpool:


Sediments in the Ravenglass Estuary, Cumbria: evolution since the last glaciation and lessons for applied sedimentology.

14th Mar.

Geology of Whisky

This is a joint meeting with the Herdman Geological Society. Further details will appear nearer to the evening.

21st Mar.

Annual Dinner


Garry Paton

Garry Paton:

Drilling a well

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