Indoor meetings


All talks for 2022- 23 will take place at the Central Teaching Hub of the University of Liverpool, Lecture Theatre D. Entrance will be via the main door.

Talks will start at 7.30pm

Location map for the Central Teaching Hub
Front of the Central Teaching Hub

Selected talks may also be accessed using Zoom


Oct 4th

Colonel Martin Amlôt 

Colonel Martin Amlôt  – Presidential Address:

Geology in Conflict

Summary: ‘A personal view by the Society President of the impact of geological factors in warfare and other lower level conflicts.  As a former professional soldier Martin Amlôt has some thirty years of experience of military operations both active and potential.  As he served in Northern Ireland, Norway, Africa, Cyprus, Hong Kong, the Falklands garrison and most of all, Germany during the Cold War, he became increasingly aware of the. importance of taking the impact of geology into account.  
As a student of past conflicts, he realised even more that all armies throughout history have had to be aware of the constraints placed on them by the geology of the landscape over which they fight or might have to fight.  
His talk will describe some of the evidence which still exists today of the geology of campaigns throughout history.’ 

18th – 25th Oct


Dinosaur exhibition National Museums – Liverpool

18th Oct

Prof. Phil Manning

Professor Phil Manning, Manchester University:

The Last Day of the Dinosaurs

22nd Oct.

Wendy Simkiss, World Museum:

The Dinosaur & Chirothereum exhibits

23rd Oct.

Dr. Maggie Williams

Dr. Maggie Williams, University of Liverpool:

Field excursion to Hoylake – Could dinosaurs have lived here in Jurassic times?

25th Oct.

Dr John Nudds

Dr. John Nudds, Manchester University:

Exceptional preservation of Dinosaur eggs and embryos from the Upper Cetaceous of China and Argentina

8th Nov.

Prof. Ben Edwards

Professor Ben Edwards University of Liverpool:


15th Nov.

Sarah Lynch

Sarah Lynch, Coal Authority:

River Pollution

22nd Nov.

Modelling lava flows

Maggie & Peter Williams, University of Liverpool:

Practical session
Modelling lava flows

6th Dec.

Cheese & Wine and Quiz (Hazel Clark – setter)


10th Jan.

Members’ evening

24th Jan.

Prof.Andy Plater

Professor Andy Plater, University of Liverpool:

Modelling the cost of sea level rise and coastal flooding.

7th Feb.

Dr. Heather Stewart

Dr.Heather Stewart, British Geological Survey:

Exploring the underworld: geomorphology and sediments of subduction trenches

21st Feb.

Dr. Janine Kavanagh

Dr Janine Kavanagh, University of Liverpool:

Mechanisms of igneous intrusion MKII

28th Feb.

Dr Chris Stevenson

Dr. Chris Stephenson, University of Liverpool:

Meteorites and Mass extinctions

14th March

Annual Dinner


Professor Richard Worden

Professor Richard Worden, University of Liverpool:



Garry Paton

Garry Paton:

Drilling a well