Pitcher Prizes


Professor Wallace Pitcher held the Herdman Chair of Geology at Liverpool University for many years, and served geological science in many capacities. He was dedicated to the encouragement of expertise and enthusiasm, especially with regard to fieldwork. He was a great supporter of this Society, being a long-time Member, Council Member, and Trustee. The LGS Council has decided to inaugurate and fund Wallace Pitcher Prizes to honour his life and work, and to stimulate and encourage fieldwork. The Prizes, which will be awarded normally not more frequently than annually, will be available to individuals or groups usually falling into one or more of the categories below. The amount of the Prizes will vary, depending on the submissions.


There will be:- One Prize of £100, with a Certificate, will usually be awarded in each Category, but the Society reserves the right to increase the value of the Prize for work of exceptional merit, to divide the sum awarded appropriately between works of equal merit, and to award lesser amounts according to the quality of work submitted. Multi-media entries will be welcome. Entries will be judged by a small Committee of Council Members. Entries will be returned if requested.

Professor Wallace Pitcher

Category 1

A research paper, or dissertation, at undergraduate or post-graduate level, by a person based in, or attending courses in, the North-West, concerned primarily with investigative fieldwork (this would be more than just collection of field data for analytical work).

Category 2

A piece of work, resulting from fieldwork investigation similar to the above, or furthering the understanding or recording of (preferably) North -West geology, by one or more adults (persons not in full-time education), of any age or academic background. This might include (eg) the history of quarry sites, schemes for educational use, etc.

Category 3

A written-up investigation by an individual or group, in a Sixth Form College, Secondary School, or Primary School, into some aspect(s) of the (preferably) local geology, clearly involving fieldwork in some form, and for the benefit of others. This could include standard fieldwork, the origin, nature and uses of local quarry products, origin, nature and uses of local building, decorative and monumental stone, and presentation could include drawing, painting, photographs, and modelling. The study would normally be undertaken as part of the normal curriculum, and might be part of the qualification for eg the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The length and quality of the piece of work would be expected to be appropriate for a high standard of achievement at the relevant age, allowing for the level of ability of the students concerned. The written element for Primary Schools should not exceed 500-600 words, and for Secondary Schools about 1500 words. Both these figures would be reduced according to the amount of presentation by other means.

Please fill in an entry form here and send your work to LGS Secretary: Maggie Williams, at the address shown on the entry form. Alternatively entries can be made electronically to lgssecretary19@gmail.com

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