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At present the library is without a permanent home. It resides it a set of boxes for safe storage. The Honorary Librarian has catalogued the collection and a preliminary catalogue is given here. There will be further information when we work out how to make the library useful to members.


Geology & Scenery in England & Wales – AE Truman
Oxford Reference: Dictionary of Earth Sciences – (Eds) Ailsa & Michael Allaby
Holmes Principles of Physical Geology (3rd Edition) – Arthur Holmes (Revised by Doris L. Holmes)
Surviving Armageddon: Solutions for a Threatened Planet – Bill Maquire
Fossils in Colour – JF Kirkaldy
Principles of Invertebrate Palaeontology – Shrock & Twenhofel
The Elements of Palaeontology – Rhona M Black
GA ‘Earth Alert’ Brighton – (Eds) Richard Moody et al
Fossils: A Guide to Prehistoric Life – Rhodes & Shaffer
The New Catastrophism-The Importance of the Rare Event in Geological History – D Ager
A Student’s Introduction to Geology – Davies
Optical Mineralogy – Rogers & Kerr
Optical Crystallography – (2nd Edition) EE Wahlstrom
The Old Red Sandstone – Hugh Miller
Harker’s Petrology for Students (8th Edition) – CE Tilley et al
Petrology of the igneous Rocks – (13th Edition) Hatch, Wells & Wells
An Introduction to the Rock Forming Minerals – Deer, Howie & Zussman
On the Rocks: A Geology of Britain – RM Wood
Strata – John L Morton
The Nature of Hidden Worlds – Mary E White
The Geology & Mineral Resources of Yorkshire – Raynor & Hemingway
Palaeogeographical Atlas – LJ Wills
Geology & Scenery in Ireland – JB Whittard
Observer’s Rocks & Minerals – (Eds) R & J Atkinson
A Collector’s Guide to Minerals & Gemstones – (Ed) J Sinkankar
Petrology of the Metamorphic Rocks – Roger & Mason
The Story of the Earth – Geological Museum
The Mapping of Geological Structures – Ken McClay
The Viking Historical Atlas of the Earth – R Osborne & D Tarling
The Highlands Controversy – DR Oldroyd
The Palaeogeography of the Midlands – LJ Wills
Fossils & Climate (Ed) – PJ Brenchley
Sedimentology: Recent Developments & Applied Aspects (Eds) – PJ Brenchley & BPJ Williams
European Dinantian Environments – Miller, Adams & Wright
Evolution of the Lewisian & Comparable Precambrian High Grade Terrains – (Eds) RG Parks & J Tarney
Trace Fossils – Crimes
Mechanism of Igneous Intrusion – Newall & Rast
Challinor’s Dictionary of Geology – (Ed) A Wyatt
Introducing Geology – AV Ager
Elements of Structural Geology – (2nd Edition) E Sherbon Hills
Great Geological Controversies – (2nd Edition) A Hallam
Rutley’s Elements of Mineralogy – (24th Edition) HH Read
The Tracks of Triassic Vertebrates – Tresise & Sarjeant
A Chilling Scientific Forecast of a New Ice Age – F Hoyle
Atlas of Sedimentary Rocks Under the Microscope – Adams, Mackenzie & Guilford
Atlas of Igneous Rocks & their Textures – Adams, Mackenzie & Guilford
Atlas of Rock Forming Minerals in Thin Section – Mackenzie & Guilford
The Great Ice Age – Wilson, Drury & Chapman
The Sedimentary Record of Sea Level Change – Ed) Angela Coe
The Cretaceous World – (Ed) Peter Skelton
Geology of the Country around Lancaster – BGS
The Cheshire Basin – BGS
The exploration for petroleum & the prospective areas of Britain – Peter Hinde
The Geology of the Lake District – F Moseley
The testimony of the rocks (MDCCCLVII) – Hugh Miller
The testimony of the rocks (MDCCCLX) – Hugh Miller
The Invisible Dinosaur – Geoffrey Tresise
British Caenozoic Fossils – British Museum (NH) 1959
British Palaeozoic Fossils – British Museum (NH) 1964
British Mesozoic Fossils – British Museum (NH) 1962
Invertebrate Paleontology and Evolution – ENK Clarkson
Reading Geological Maps – Bradshaw & Jarman
Mount Rainier – National Research Council
The Severn Gorge

Field Guides

Rock Around Liverpool – Liverpool Geological Society
Rock Around Wirral – Liverpool Geological Society
Rock Around Chester – Liverpool Geological Society
Iceland LGS 2013 Excursion Guide – Hazel Clark
Landscapes of Northern Iceland Excursion Guide LGS 2016 – Hazel Clark
Part II Oslofjord Excursion Guide
A Field Guide to the Permo-Triassic Rocks of Cumbria & NW Cheshire – L Macchi
Snowdonia – M F Howels et al
The Lake District – Cumberland Geol Soc
Rocks and Scenery of the Peak District – T D Ford
Walking the Rocks (Glamorgan Coast) – S Howe et al; GA South Wales
Assynt the Geologists Mecca – Edinburgh Geol Soc
Geol Excursion Guide to Assynt District of Sutherland – M MacGregor et al
Geol Excursion Guide to the Assynt District of Sutherland – M R W Johnson et al
Assynt Geology Motor Trail – D R Shelley
Exploring the Landscape of Assynt (Guide and Map) – Earthwise Publications
Classic Landforms of the Lake District – J Boardman
Geological Routes Around Wigan Wigan and District – Geol Soc (1977)
Northumbrian Rocks and Landscape a Field Guide – (Ed) C Scrutton, Yorkshire Geol Soc
The Quaternary of Assynt and Coigach Field Guide – (Ed) T J Lawson (1995)
Anglesey Geology and Field Guide – J Treagus
An Excursion Guide to the Moine Geology of the Scottish Highlands – (Ed) I Allison et al
Field Guide to the Geology of Oman – S S Harina
Mull in the Making – R Jones
Ardnamurchan Filed Workshop 2008 (Tribute to J E Richey) – D J Brown & B O’Dricoll, University of Glasgow
Marloes Sands, Cliff Cards in the Rocks – V M Shorrocks
The Rocks, Geology of Pembokeshire Handbook – B S Jan
Glamorgan Heritage Coast – J W Perkins et al
A Pocket Guide to the London Clay Exposed on the North Shore of the – A Rundle, Rock Watch Guide No 1,
Isle of Sheppey, Kent
A Building Stones Guide to Central Manchester – M Simpson & F Broadhurst, 2nd Edition, 2008
East Lothian and the Borders a Landscape Fashioned by Geology – BGS
Classic Landforms of the Sussex Coast – R Castleden (1982)

British Regional Guides, HMSO & NERC Publications

The Geology of the Wenlock Edge Area, – B A Hains, Institute of Geol Sciences, HMSO (1970)
The Geology of the Craven Arms Area – B A Hains, Institute of Geol Sciences, HMSO (1969)
The Geology of South Shropshire – Prof W F Whittard, Proc of the Geologists’ Assoc, Vol 63, Pt 2, July 1952
Geological Excursion in the Sheffield Region and Peak District National Pk – (Eds) R Neves & C Downie, University of Sheffield
The Grampian Highlands – (3rd Edition) British Regional Geology, HMSO (1966)
The Wealden District – (4th Edition) R W Gallois, HMSO (1965)
The Welsh Borderland – (3rd Edition) J R Earp et al, HMSO (1971)
South West England – E A Edmonds et al, HMSO (1975)
Orkney & Shetland – W Mykura, HMSO (1976)
Bristol & Gloucester District – F B A Welch & R Crookhall, HMSO (1948)
Geology of the County Around Northwich and Whitchurch – E G Poole & A J Whiteman, HMSO (1966)

Geologists’ Association: Newer Guides

2 The Lake District
7 Geology of the Manchester Area
22 Geology of the Dorset Coast
27 Geology of South Shropshire
31 Geology of West Cornwall
32 Isle of Arran
41 The Geology of Jersey, Channel Islands
42 Island of Mallorca (2-copies)
43 Costa Blanca Spain
45 Onny Valley Shropshire
46 Geology of the Isle of Mann
47 Coastal Landforms of West Dorset
49 Tenerife Canary Island
50 South Cyprus
51 A Geological Field Guide to Island of Bute, Scotland
52 Iceland
54 The Aberystwyth District
55 Early Cretaceous Environments of the Weald
56 The Castleton Area, Derbyshire
57 The Chalk of Sussex and Kent
59 Geology of Hadrians Wall
61 Geology of the Western Front
63 Geology of the East Midlands
64 The Geology of the D-Day Landing in Normandy 1944
66 The Geology of Watchat and its Neighbourhood, Somerset

Geologists’ Association Guides: Older Series (Yellow/Cream Cover)

1 Area around Birmingham
3 The Oxford District
5 The Silurian Inlier of the SE Welsh Borderland
6 Geology Around The University Town of Liverpool
7 Area Around Manchester
8 Area Around Stoke-on-Trent
9 Area Around Sheffield
10 The North Coast of Cornwall from Bude to Tintagel
11 Geology Around the University Town: Hull
13 The Tertiary Igneous Geology of the Isle of Skye
15 Geology Around University Towns: The Durham Area
16 The Cardiff District
17 Geology Around the University Towns: Swansea, South Wales
18 Geology Around the University Towns: NE Ireland, The Belfast Area
20 The Tertiary Igneous Geology of the Isle of Mull
22 The Dorset Coast from Poole to the Chesil Beach
23 The Coast of South Devon and Dorset between Branscombe and Burton Bradstock
24 Geology of the Central Weald: The Hastings Beds
25 The Isle of Wight
26 The Peak District
27 Geology of some Classic British Areas: Geol Itineraries for South Shropshire
28 Geology of some Classic British Areas: Geol Itineraries for Snowdonia
29 Geology of the Weald
30 A The London Region
31 NE Scotland: The Dalradian
32 Isle of Arran
33 Dartmoor (NW Margin and Other Selected Areas)
35 Guide to the Moine Schists and Lewisian Gneisses Around Mallaig, Inverness-shire)
37 Cheviot Hills
38 The Plymouth Area
39 The Lleyn Peninsula
40 Anglesey

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