This is the 162nd session of the Liverpool Geological Society

Alan Boyle, President Liverpool Geological Society

Alan Boyle, President, Liverpool Geological Society

OPS! I had intended this change to the website to run quietly in the background until I had all the pages finished – but my hand slipped and it got published prematurely. I am working hard to republish all the pages. This new look has happened because we have changed the website to wordpress – a format that allows people to share the editing of the site – instead of it being a one-man band. – Peter Williams (supposed to be web manager!)

As you will be aware, it will not be possible to hold physical lectures during the 162nd session, 2020-21.

Chris Hunt has managed to persuade some of the lecturers to put on “zoom” lectures as a replacement. The draft sequence can be found on the meetings page. You will need to contact the organiser to get log-in information and a password. Details will be published nearer to the dates of the lectures. For obvious reasons we may need to alter the dates and topics, but will publish any amendments here.

Request for help from U3A Heswall

Heswall U3A have 40 or more people waiting for the end of lockdown, so that they can set up a geology group Please would any LGS members who feel they could help out by offering basic topics or field trips, get in touch.
You don’t need to be a professional geologist . If you have time and enthusiasm to share let us know to jimmarshall58@gmail.com and please give him permission to pass on your details to the local course organisers.

Wirral Geology and Landscape project.

As you might know this is a joint project involving members of the LGS and the University of Liverpool. Before lockdown we had a very successful day at the Heritage Fair at Birkenhead Town Hall. Several local talks were also given.
We have now established a mailing list for a wide range of people with interests in understanding the role of geology and geomorphology on the history and heritage of the area. We will shortly be launching an online noticeboard with ‘postcards’ pointing people at resources and hopefully developing displays that can be used at local scenic sites. We have already recruited a few new LGS members through this project,
All LGS members are welcome to join in – to participate or just get emails. Please email jimmarshall58@gmail.com to start with. Future messages will be sent (Bcc) via wirralgeology@gmail.com
Finally: please let Jim know if there is interest in doing the same kind of thing: in, or around, Liverpool.!

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